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18 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights

18 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights

Women don't lift heavy weights for the fear of becoming "bulky" and thinking the way to get toned is to lift light weights. I'm here to give you 18 reasons why women should lift heavy weights. 1.) Relieve Pain Lifting heavy weights will get your body stronger. The reason our bodies hurt is from weaknesses and muscle imbalances that occur from sitting all day. Getting stronger is key to relieving pains and being able to enjoy life. 2.) Lower Cholesterol While the actual mechanism why you lower your cholesterol is somewhat unknown, plenty of studies show that regular weight training will lower your cholesterol. 3.) Improve Cognitive Function Studies show that strength training improves cognitive function. This means strength training will help decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer's disease. Many people

5 Easy Ways For Women To Get Toned

The term "getting toned" quite honestly is used by people who don't understand exactly what getting toned means. Building muscle and losing body fat is what "getting toned" really is, so next time you or someone says that you don't want to build muscle but you want to get toned, you are not going to achieve your goals. The fear of becoming "bulky" is a saying I hear daily from women who don't understand what exactly toning up is. You may have seen men who struggle to build muscle and I have a secret to tell you; men build muscle easier than women because of testosterone. This means that it is difficult to build muscle and almost impossible to have enough muscle

Workout Plans For Women: 8 Reasons Why They Fail

How many times have you tried to stick with a workout designed for women and it just totally failed? First let's be more honest, was it because you stuck to the workout and you didn't see results or was it because you didn't stick with it at all? Either way, I want to show you the top 8 reasons why workout plans designed for women fail and how to find the best plan for you. Written by Someone Who Doesn't Have a Clue Men and women don't necessarily have to train differently. When finding a new workout plan, look at what the program has you doing and see if it makes any sense at all. People claim to be a guru or an

24 Hour Fitness: It’s Not A Hobby, It’s A Lifestyle

Fitness is a word thrown around a lot that covers a lot of things and activities. For the purpose of this article, fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy. Since fitness is something you have to work for to obtain and maintain, it takes changing your lifestyle. It's a Lifestyle It is important to take charge of every aspect of your life in order to achieve fitness. Changing what you eat and your activity levels will be the most difficult thing for you do to. When deciding to change your lifestyle, posting your news and updates on social networks will be a daily activity and I would like to offer some advice. When posting on your social networks, take care to

Eat Up: Top 30 Best Foods for Weight Loss

You can eat anything you want as long as you plan your calories and macro nutrients. These top 30 best foods for weight loss I list here should be included in everyone's diet. Your body will tell you if you are lacking nutrients. Eat a well-rounded diet and exercise at least 30 minutes 3 times a week will help you lose weight. 1.) Almonds Almonds are a great source of dietary fats. They are a great snack to eat in moderation. 1.5 ounces of natural almonds will be about 250 calories so don't go dive into a large serving of these as a snack. I would recommend a small hand full a day. 2.) Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar has been shown to have

Cause and Effect: 5 Signs Your Body is Starving for Nutrition

Our bodies are amazing and if we listen to it, we can learn quite a bit. If you are running low on vitamins or nutrients, your body gives you hints such as muscle cramps or skin issues. More articles are coming about how eating properly is important to feeling great and increasing your athletic performance. Today has so many highly processed foods, it is easy to become deficient in vitamins and nutrients. Here are 5 signs that your body is telling you to tweak your diet some. Be sure to consult a nutritionist if you have doubts or questions. 1.) Stabbing Muscle Cramps in Your Toes, Calves, and Feet If you constantly have cramps in your legs and feet, this is a good sign that you

17 Fat Loss Tips for Women

Losing fat can be hard with all of the fitness myths out there, it is hard to stay on the right track and not fall into some bad information. Check out these 17 tips to help you lose fat. 1.) Eat Healthy I am sure you were already thinking "I know I should eat healthy" or "I am already eating healthy." Eating low-fat and low-sugar items may have fewer calories, but most of these products are filled with toxic chemicals and artificial sweeteners that can actually cause more problems than you imagine. Eat a variety of fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy and you are on a path to fat loss. 2.) No Drastic Changes If you are used to eating out most nights then the

Myth Busted: Top 15 Female Fitness, Nutrition, and Fat Loss Myths

In the gym and online I see a lot of bad information being tossed around and I'd like to clear them up for you. Check out these top 15 myths I hear on a daily basis: 1.) Weight Training Makes You Bulky False. Weight training does not make you bulky like men. In fact, if you want to get toned you must build muscle and lose fat. No matter how hard you work in the gym, you will not get bulky, female hormones do not allow us to easily gain muscle. It's hard enough for guys to get bulky, twice as hard for women. Do your weight training. 2.) You Can Get Toned by Cardio Only False. If you have known anyone who killed themselves

7 Reasons Why the Cabbage Soup Diet is a Bad Idea

The cabbage soup diet is a popular fad diet that I hear mentioned regularly and I thought I would weigh in on this diet. This diet promises to make you lose 10 pounds in 7 days on this diet. "You should only follow this diet for 7 days at a time, with at least two weeks in between." The Diet Plan Day 1: Eat only soup and all the fruit you want except bananas. You are allowed to drink water, cranberry juice, or unsweetened tea. Day 2: Today you can eat all of the soup you want with lots of veggies, a baked potato with some butter and no fruit. You also cannot have raw or cooked leafy greens, beans, corn, and peas. Day 3: Eat